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With the current stage of eCommerce, the Amazon marketplace has become a valuable tool to rapidly grow your brand. However, with the large influx of products and sellers on the marketplace, you need a definitive way to stand out among the crowd. As previous Amazon sellers ourselves, we deeply understand the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace, and can help you maintain front page search results to bring more value to your Amazon store.

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Amazon Prime
With over 14 years of experience on the Amazon platform, our team can help you navigate the platform and help craft detailed listings. Whether you just need a helping hand, or a full time manager, our team will set you up for success with Amazon Prime, leveraging their millions of Prime customers to your benefit.

An essential to any great listing is excellent photography. We have professional photography services for any images you may need to help sell your product on Amazon or any other platform.

Emails, Reviews, and Case Filing
While your customers are important, handling customer emails, complaints, or feedbacks can be very time consuming for the small business owner. We can handle the day to day maintenance, while you focus on driving your business forward.


All Inclusive Service

Our most premium service, Tradewick Platinum is a completely hands-off management service. Our team will manage your Amazon seller account daily, and provide reports and metrics on Account Health, Revenue, and everything else!

For small business owners who are too busy to manage a large platform like Amazon, Tradewick Platinum provides peace of mind, while delivering the best possible results.

Provided Services

  • Account Creation
  • Listing Creation
  • Content Copyright
  • Brand Registry
  • Storefront Creation
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  • Inventory Management
  • Amazon Support Cases
  • Feedback Management
  • Customer Service
  • Sponsored Ads

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Tradewick can help

​With a multitude of logistical services Tradewick can store, pick, pack, and ship your items to the end user.
We understand that your brand and products are unique. Unlike most fulfillment partners, Tradewick warehouse employees are trained to understand your products individually, so that we can offer suggestions to streamline your packing process.
With active inventory reporting and live inventory tracking, our team will help you determine your optimal stocking levels, maximizing your logistic efficiency.

Ship To Amazon

With extensive experience working with Amazon Fulfillment centers, we can help you create and pack shipments to FBA warehouses. We specialize in navigating the nuances of FBA shipping, as well as helping to lower shipping costs.

B2B Shipping

Need to get your products on store shelves? With direct EDI integration to many major retailers, we can provide shipping services to established retail entities on your behalf.

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