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Amaryllo Home Security Robots

About Amaryllo

Amaryllo International is an Amsterdam based, Dutch consumer electronics company. It designs, markets, and sells wireless home security products. Our teams have successfully developed a series of products that are presently sold in a wide variety of renowned retailers around the world. Amaryllo' sales network spans over 70 countries and 200 sales channels.

Amaryllo features in-house industrial and software design teams that create an ever-growing line of wireless smart home networking products. We are certified partners with Apple MFi, Microsoft Windows, Android, WebRTC, Bluetooth SIG and others.

Amaryllo has been recognized by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research investment company, as one of their top picks for "Cool Vendors" of 2014. Additionally, in June 2014 Amaryllo won 2 Best Choice awards at Computex. We were also honored to win the First Prize and Top Brand Award at the 11th Anniversary YuShan National Brand Product Awards. We are also pleased to win the Golden peak Award and the Golden Award for the 2014 ICT Month Innovative Elite. Amaryllo products were chosen out of 20,000 to win an innovation award in the embedded technology category at the CES 2015 and the recipient of the 2015 WebRTC World Product of the Year Award.

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