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Cha-O-Ha Handmade FIRESTARTER Bracelet: Jute, Waxed Hemp & Firesteel Toggle


$ 45.00

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This bracelet is a tinder bundle on your wrist. Pair with any Cha-O-Ha Paracord Survival Bracelet for complete preparedness in your adventures.

To Use:
Unwind the running end of the waxed hemp to reveal highly flammable jute. Fray the end and scrape the ferrocerium rod toggle with any piece of steel (i.e. a knife) or a sharp edged stone to create a spark onto the frayed jute.

Once your fire is going, ignite the waxed hemp to keep the flame alive—like a candle wick.

If needed, the wax hemp-wrapped core can be used to carry a hot coal to another fire site. Simply light the end until a coal forms, just like lighting a stick of incense.

Can also be used as a makeshift torch, with a burn time of over 8 minutes.


- Made by hand

- Made with organic waxed hemp

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