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Ducti - Ambush Messenger Bag


$ 125.00

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- MATERIALS- Heavy Duty Canvas, Nylon
    - INDISPENSABLE - Ducti bags are designed with a utilitarian approach, but that does not mean they aren't attractive. Ducti bags blend fashionable style with virtually unlimited versatility. Multipurpose pockets, padded electronics sleeves, and eye-catching design make for a bag you won't mind carrying every day.
      - QUALITY - Ducti selected premium heavy-duty canvas and nylon materials to withstand multipurpose, everyday use. The construction is strong, using rivets to reinforce seams, and they last for years and years. Ducti never dies.
        - ERGONOMIC - Attention to detail makes Ducti bags a seamless part of your adventures. From the magnetic closures and button snaps, to the carefully designed compartments and straps, Ducti just makes sense.
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