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Watch Roll for Travel Storage made w/ Soft Vegan Suede & Canvas by Metier Life - 4 Pocket, Grey


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  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - Canvas and microfiber vegan suede, stitched with precision. Two waxed cord drawstrings secure your watches in a neat fashion. It’s immediately apparent that quality craft is our Métier. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN - The travel watch roll is a staple of a gentleman’s daily carry. It’s a portable way to ensure your watch and accessories correspond with the theme of the day, so you can stay sharp for any situation that presents itself. We’ve carefully tested and adjusted the dimensions to be sensible and versatile, fitting a wide range of flat-laying watches and other jewelry, keeping them safe from damage.
  • RESPONSIBLE MATERIALS - Metier Life prides itself on sustainable sourcing. Many of our materials are recycled, and none come from animal products. The watch roll is made from a durable blend of cotton canvas, and the interior is a microfiber suede that would fool fans of fine leather.
  • SECURE & DURABLE - Simply insert your watches into the pockets and make sure they fit snug. When tied tight, the roll can be packed away in suitcases, kept in a carry-on, or in your backpack while on the road. We made sure that the roll functions well so you can trust it’ll suit your needs.
  • GIVING BACK - We recognize that there are major environmental issues facing our planet. Our aim is have as minute a footprint as possible, and to use our resources to move forward. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the Endangered Species International foundation. Together, we can fight extinction.