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Amaryllo Robot Security iBabi HD Home Security Camera

$ 159.00

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The iBabi HD Home Security Camera is perfect for watching over your infant or toddler. The 360° viewing area allows you to see what's around your child, and the audio sensor alert will send you images of what is happening in the room. Whether it's crying or giggling, the iBabi HD will alert you to any sounds, and open a live feed on your tablet or mobile device so you can take appropriate action.

256-bit Advanced Encryption
All Amaryllo products employ industry leading 256-bit encryption so that we can guarantee your security. You can trust that your video is for your eyes only.

360˚ Viewing Area
Planning and tilting allows you to have a look around entire surrounding area.

Picture Alerts
Receive picture alerts from anywhere in the world for free, notifying you whenever the motion or audio sensors are triggered. A snapshot will pop-up and take you to the app where you can start the live view, see what's going on, and take appropriate action.

Motion & Audio Detection
The iBabi HD features a PIR sensor for motion detection and 2 microphones for audio detection. When these are triggered you will instantly receive a notification to your mobile device.

Real-Time Video Streaming
Amaryllo products use high-powered CPUs to ensure that you always experience the best audio and video quality. This also reduces any latency to less than 0.5 seconds.

Free 24-HR Cloud Support
Free 24-hr storage support, you can rest assured that your recorded videos are safely stored in the cloud for later review and download.

Up to HD 1280x720
All our products use top-quality lenses and image sensors so that you can view HD resolution on any mobile device or PC.

Optional Infrared
We care about your eyes, which is why we give you the choice to enable or disable the IR LEDs.

Embedded Antenna
The Wi-Fi antenna is inside the camera, making it more attractive and also emit less harmful radiation.