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Canvas Backpack Travel Pouch for Sunglasses and Accessories by Metier Life - Grey

$ 12.99

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  • GIVING BACK - We recognize that there are major environmental issues facing our planet. Our aim is have as minute a footprint as possible, and to use our resources to move forward. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the Endangered Species International foundation. Together, we can fight extinction.
  • QUICK AND EASY – We’ve often been plagued by the same issues many of us have faced. When going from outside to indoors, where do you put your sunglasses? Putting them on your head, shirt, or in your pocket leads to scratches and damages, causing you to deal with unwanted issues for your shades. Our pouch was designed to make it easy for you to put your sunglasses away quickly and safely.
  • CLEAN AND SIMPLE – Canvas and Vegan leather exteriors make this pouch form fitting to your sunglasses, while adding the extra flair of luxury, without bringing further harm to our environment. Our pouch is meant to be an accessory to your everyday carry, while staying slim and stylish.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – After months of testing to determine the right measurements, we have finalized our design to give you the best bang for your buck. Microfiber lining sewn into the interior protects your lenses from scratching, while the canvas and vegan leather provide the extra stretch for larger sunglasses. Hook and Loop closures are sewn on with a vegan leather backing, to provide extra grip to your backpack strap, while maintaining tightness to stay in place.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Prolong the life of your sunglasses or eyewear with proper maintenance. Hard cases offer the most protection, but are not always easily available, or necessary when you are inside for a short period of time. It’s during those cases that you may decide placing them on your head is better, only to have them fall to the ground shortly afterwards. Our Sunglasses Pouch was created to solve the problem that many of us have had, try it for yourself and your wallet will thank you.