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Diabetic Travelling Cooler Case by Metier Life

$ 19.99

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  • GIVING BACK - We recognize that there are major environmental issues facing our planet. Our aim is have as minute a footprint as possible, and to use our resources to move forward. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the Endangered Species International foundation. Together, we can fight extinction.
  • BE PREPARED – Diabetes is different for everyone, and the methods of treatment range from personal health requirements, to personal preference. Our Diabetic Travel Case is designed to offer you a one case solution for all of your diabetic needs.
  • ADAPTABLE DESIGN – The elastics are sized to fit a multitude of devices for glucose testing and blood sugar level monitoring. Mesh pockets allow you to carry extra lancets, test strips, and syringes, while the fitted pouches will hold insulin closer to the ice pack to ensure that they stay cooler longer. The clear pouch works perfectly to store any extra medical information, as well as provide a pouch for the Omni-Pod PDM device.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – With double walled foil insulation, our cooler case is rated to last up to 8 hours under the right conditions. Waterproof zippers further increase the insulation, while making sure that less outside air gets into the pouch. A full nylon construction make this product easy to clean, while being resistant to any stains.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – We designed our diabetic case to carry the essentials, but also provide extra room for any extra accessories you may need. Regardless of your choice for sugar intake, our pouch is designed to hold liquid insulin, insulin pills, insulin pens, and even a spare Omni-Pod unit. A zippered mesh pocket allows you to carry enough lancets and test strips for extended trips, while the open mesh pocket can hold larger items such as syringes, alcohol wipes, or even a candy bar.

Métier Life: Luxury done responsibly. 

Peace of Mind for Wherever Life Brings You 

The Metier Life Diabetic Travel Cooler Case was crafted to help solve a problem for many people around the world. There is no reason that you should not take the time to enjoy the world with your loved ones, limited only by your means of accessible treatment. By providing up to 8 hours of cooling time, our case allows you to go further than with other cooler cases available. Additionally, we have added space for everything you need in one convenient case, so you do not need to carry separate coolers and bags. The included sweat-proof reusable ice pack allows you to keep your insulin cool, moisture free, while the rest of the case has ample room for any devices and accessories you may need. 

Fight Against Extinction! Metier Life has partnered with Endangered Species International to help conserve the wildlife that needs our attention to survive. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to the science, political efforts, and implementation of solutions that benefit members of the ecosystem critically close to extinction. 

Items and Accessories not included with the case.