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Edge of Belgravia Stainless Steel Precision Series Single Chef Knives

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Precision manifests the combination of bold design and the superb cutting capability of the stainless steel blade. It represents just as much an effective cooking tool as a piece of art. We believe this is the key to inspired cooking.
Precision is the unique creation of contemporary London designer Christian Bird. Christian is thrilled by perfection. His design fuses the perfection of the diamond-like facet shape handle with a unique and carefully thought out blade design. These knives were designed for precision in cooking.

Paring Knife 
The small paring knife is perfect for precision tasks: peeling a lemon for a dry martini twist or slicing a strawberry for a cake. Be prepared for an inspired cooking experience down to the smallest detail. This is Precision.
Deba Knife 
The Deba knife draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese salmon knives known as “Deba”. Its edge is ground only on one side for a clean cut just like traditional Japanese Debas. The combination is perfect for slicing cured salmon, tuna steak, sushi or even fruit and vegetables. The cut is enjoyably clean. We love this unique knife.
Chef’s Knife
The 15 cm chef knife is a centre-piece of the Precision Chef Knife Series. It is the perfect companion to cooking in the kitchen and suitable for most cutting and slicing tasks. With the chef knife in hand, Michelin stars are bound to be within easy reach. You will certainly be the most stylish chef around. 
Chef’s Knife 19 cm 
The 19 cm Precision Chef Knife is larger than our current 15 cm version. It is for all of you who think bigger is better.  Remarkable in sharpness and size, the precision chef knife will have you dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing absolutely everything you want with unbelievable ease.  
Bread Knife 
Excellent bread needs an excellent bread knife. Our bread knife is light-weight, but still superbly effective for slicing that warm baguette or a loaf of tasty olive bread. The serrated blade ensures that the bread remains airy and does not end up squashed from the cutting.
Bread Knife 19 cm
Excellent bread needs an excellent bread knife. The new 19 cm Bread Knife has been extended in length to ensure the perfect bread slice, no matter what size. The serrated edge ensures that the bread remains airy as you cut it. Your sandwiches will be transformed. 

Filleting Knife 
The 15 cm filleting knife is the supreme tool for filleting and boning. It is essential for the professional chef. In fact, it was specifically requested by a number of London’s top chefs. The Precision filleting knife is slightly dexterous to ensure precision filleting and boning. You will instantly see the difference with your meat cuts and it is the perfect tool for your complex seafood dishes.
Slicing Knife 
The slicing knife has a series of alternating scallops on both sides of the blade. These reduce the drag on the knife and to allow for easy separation from the knife’s blade. The result is the paper-thin slices essential for precision cooking.

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