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The Golden Goose In-Shell Hand Powered Egg Scrambler Upgraded v2

$ 19.95


  • New and Improved v2 is easier to use and easier to learn!
  • The Golden Goose Is Easy To Use, Fun, And Effective - Taste The Exquisite Flavor Of An In-Shell Scrambled Egg
  • The Egg Cradle Is Designed To Fit Eggs Of All Shapes And Sizes
  • Easy To Assemble, Dissemble, Clean, And Is Dishwasher Safe!
  • 'Golden Eggs' Can Be Enjoyed Hard Or Soft Boiled, Deviled Or In Egg Salad, Fried, Pickled, Atop Noodles, Or As A Surprise On Easter Sunday!

Egg Scrambler - Hand Powered 'In-Shell' Egg Shaker - Scramble Eggs Without Breaking The Shell!

The Golden Goose is a hand-powered kitchen gadget! It is new and novel. It lets you scramble an egg inside of the egg shell using rotational force! You can invent new recipes, create Golden boiled eggs, or surprise and amaze! It also saves time cleaning a bowl and whisk, and it makes the best quality scrambles! If you are a fan of scrambled eggs, you will love the Golden Goose!

To create the flawless "Golden Goose" scramble:
1. Place a raw egg in the elastic insert and secure the two sides with the locking ring.
2. Wind the nylon cords and pull on the integrated handles to use centrifugal force to scramble the egg.
3. Cook & Enjoy!

The new and improved v2 Golden Goose includes many fixes to the v1. The cords are longer and made from better material, making it perform better and easier to learn. The ring is no longer too tight, making it easier to open the case after use. All in all, the v2 makes scrambling eggs inside the shell even easier than before!


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